Pocket HalfPipe is a year old!

Thanks everyone, for your great reviews, ratings & support!

Also, Pocket Halfpipe made it to Touch Arcade's TouchArcade - Best iOS Games: 2011 Buyer's Guide! Yeay!

Pocket HalfPipe 1.5 is currently in developement! So hopefully we'll be seeing you here soon with more cool updates!




Finally, after an extended break, Pocket HalfPipe 1.3 is here!!! This update includes CustomSkateboards & it's embiggened! (iPad friendly) So grab your free update now. Or, if you don't already own Pocket HalfPipe, grab it now from the iTunes store



The 1.2 update will be available soon & includes heaps of new additions and tweaks, plus a new Character!


Pocket HalfPipe makes the list for Touch arcade's Best games of January! Yeay!

Touch Arcade Best Games for Jan!


1.1 was out early Feb & the soon to be released 1.2 is really close now, so keep checking for updates!



Thank-you for all of the amazing feedback to Pocket HalfPipe!

Due to this incredible response, there are a few cool updates underway! 1.1 should be out any day now and there's more on the horizon!

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